Lesson 1 topic 1.4.2 How to find 'price of tuddy fuddy' in Fijuana?

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Lesson 1 topic 1.4.2 How to find 'price of tuddy fuddy' in Fijuana?

Can someone please help me with the question from lesson 1, subtopic 1.4.2 ,

Exploring your model?

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Hi @anupama 


This activity is to help you become familiar with the model. I recommend that you click around in the model and explore. 


Make sure you have completed activity 1.4.1: Add Example Model to Your Workspace. 


Under Model Settings you might want to click on different areas to explore. Click away, you can't break anything. Start at the top of the list and work your way down. For example, click on Time, Versions, etc. 


The answers to these questions will be found in Modules. You will want to click on the different module names, open and explore. 


When thinking through the question, you will see that you are looking for a Module that would include the following information:

  • Price
  • Geographical Location
  • Products

Keep in mind that once you are in a module there may be drop down options that allow you to view more information. 


Hope this helps you get started. 







I am having the same problem.

I do not know how to find the number of "Do-Nutty Buncha Muncha" sold in Dusseldorf in September 2020.

Up to this point, the course has not really explained what filtering process is needed on Anaplan to find a specific number.


Thank you very much in advance.


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Did you ever find the solution to this? I'm clicking on anything I think might contain the data but most information is blank.

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Hi @noelle_murphy


I can't figure out how to find the information in the model to answer any of these questions. I have downloaded and renamed the model, and clicked around, and all I see is lists with no underlying data. None of the "drop downs" you mention are in my model. You also skipped this on the Wednesday call. 


Step by step, how do we navigate to find prices, salary, and location?

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It is like a try and error technique. I did it today for the first time and I got the answer after some hit and miss. 

Step 1 - Go to Modules.

Step 2 - Click on Search Icon and enter keywords like Product, Region, Price. When you click on the related module, click on open from the left corner. 

Step 3 - I first searched Product, I got 2 options, One is Product family details and the second is Product Details. I opened both of these. 

Step 4 - In the Product Details module, I could see details like Code, Product Family and size. This was irrelevant for the question as we need the Price.

Step 5 - Then I tried to explore this in Product family Details, again the data was not related to the question.

Step 6 - Then I again went back to Modules and searched for Region by clicking the search icon. I opened that module and again it was a miss. The data in the Region details modules were not related to the question.

Step 7 - Finally I clicked on the modules again and searched Price this time, In the drop down 3 options were there: 

REV01 Price Book
2.REV04 Price Growth Rates
3.REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging


I opened the Price Book and finally I could see the relevant data. In this Particular Module, Name of the Products along with the Unit Cost and Unit Price were given. I searched for the name of the product "Fuddy Duddy" and I could see the Cost Price and Unit Price of this Product.


Step 8 - Now the Product and Price is there but we want the Price of the product in a specific geographical region i.e., Tijuana.

Step 9 - In the beginning of the Price Book Module, there were regions mentioned. By clicking the Drop down of that region menu, I searched "Tijuana" and I could get the details of Product and pike of Fuddy Duddy in Tijuana. 

Answer is 3.47


I could have directly told you the answer however I wanted you to explore it by your own. The more you make mistakes, the more you will practice.