Level 1 Model Building SYS08 Employee Details Import Issue


Level 1 Model Building SYS08 Employee Details Import Issue


We are asked to import Emloyees.csv into SYS08 Employee Details and I am unable to get the names in the list to match on the names in the employees list that I already have in. I checked and I have the data type as "Text" listed within the SYS08 module, and the .csv has the data in that column listed as "General". I also tried changing that to "Text"; neither work. I can do it manually but it will take a long time.


Is there something I'm missing or should consider?




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I think there is an issue with instructions:

It should have been made clear in the L1 course that for SYS08 you are expected to populate values A,B,C. Values D,E come via a formula.

Fields like Active? should be ignored - No one mentions this

Infact the formulas should have come up first and then data import.

Also there is no where in the instructions that you have to do custom date mapping

I spent roughly an hour trying to figure out where am I going wrong. Luckily I across this thread and I see I am not the only one.

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Entirely agree with you as tasks is not always giving the right sequence of actions to do, so that we are facing with the same errors/system messages while following them. Thankfully, there are a lot of learners who has raised this issues to community in the past which I find really helpful!