Level 2 - Conclusion - INV05 and DEM04 - Import with Subsidiary View

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Level 2 - Conclusion - INV05 and DEM04 - Import with Subsidiary View


In importing from INV05 and DEM04 (both having Subsidiary Views which are used for mapping) via 'Connect to Anaplan Model', I tried different Saved View pivotings until I successfully imported from a Saved View with no page selector.

Based on the various tries above, my observation is that the Saved View must not contain page selector in order such import to work.  I hope this is not the case due to the number of rows that can potentially be generated (row limit per module?).  Grateful for ideas from the community for further understanding 😊


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Hi Evan,


Thanks for the detailed info.


I was able to create the Saved view exactly as you showed.


However, when I try to import into FP&A, SKU Code and Location Code columns show up as blank.





Appreciate any inputs.







HI @hpatel 

I believe this is because you are looking at "All Regions" in the L3 Location list in your import view, which shouldn't cause a problem with your import. When you run the import it should still import your demand values. 


However, if you want to make your import more efficient, I would remove all summary levels from your saved view. In your saved view, I would pivot your L3 locations down to your rows, and in "Select Levels to Show" I would uncheck all levels except the L3 Location Level. Then Pivot it back up to be a page selector and resave the view. You should then hopefully see the location and SKU codes in your import view.