Level 2 - Sprint 1 - 1.5.2

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Level 2 - Sprint 1 - 1.5.2

Review DAT01 Beginning Inventory Module 

  • Module Name: DAT01 Beginning Inventory
  • Dimensions: SKU Flat list, s Location Flat: Distribution Center? list
  • Category: Master Data
Line Item Format Purpose
Beginning InventoryNumberBeginning inventory count (opening stock) for each product SKU by Distribution Center
FilterBooleanDoes this Distribution Center hold inventory for this product SKU? Filter for items containing data (not equal to 0) 

Import Data into DAT01 Beginning Inventory Module

Before you continue, confirm the formula for the Filter line item: Beginning Inventory<>0

This line item will be used to filter the data to show only the product SKUs for which each Distribution Center carries inventory.



For the above activity, I am attaching the one I finished . Can u let me knw if its right?


2022-09-23 (4).png

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It's correct

Great job @Yogitha 

Keep going!

Regards, Kirill Kuznetsov
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