Level 2 Sprint 1 - Course Content

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Level 2 Sprint 1 - Course Content

Hi there,


Having a small issue with the course content.


I was mid-way through the course last night and clicked the "Return to the learning centre" assuming this saves my progress.


Now, if I return to the course content, the link is now taking me straight to the Sprint 1 exam. 


Does anyone know how I can get pass this?

Puneeth H P
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Re: Level 2 Sprint 1 - Course Content

Hello @tlenguyen 

This might have happened because of internet issues while going through the course content . Content tab need to be refreshed whenever we start after some gap .

If you have finished the model building up to the course you finished the day before then you can finish the course videos fast . I think there is no other way of doing this . 

If you are still concerned about this , you can get help from writing this issue to support@anaplan.com . 



Puneeth HP