Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01 Confirmed PO Delivery

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Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01 Confirmed PO Delivery

So I'm having some issues (or more likely a misunderstanding) with my formula for Confirmed PO Delivery.


I'm still at the OFFSET stage & haven't yet got to the POST conversion that I think comes later based on other forum posts.


I'm trying to use:

Confirmed PO Delivery = IF OFFSET(PO Submitted, -Final Shipping Time Weeks, 0) = 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1


In my head this works by saying if x weeks ago I submitted a PO then I should receive it now. This worked fine when just using the default shipping times because they were always the same.


Now that I am trying to use the Override if I submit a PO in Week 1 and change it to Air (1 week shipping) my formula for checking receipt in Week 2 is OFFSETTING based on the 2 weeks default for Road shipping from Week 2


Here is what I'm getting for Confirmed PO Delivery (0, 0, 1, 1) which I know how it is derived, but I don't know how to get this to be (0, 1, 0, 1) using the 1 week shipping in week 1, and 2 week shipping in Week 2 - it's almost like I need the OFFSET to be recursive





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Re: Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01 Confirmed PO Delivery

Just realised that this never received a reply but I thought I'd add the answer here in case anyone else comes across this when they have the same issue (a bit like self answering on Stack Exchange posts).


I had done nothing wrong - the 'error' I got and was trying to fix is actually acknowledged later in the course when you simulate the testing - a couple of steps later the material covers identifying the issue and then how we can resolve it.


What happened was I was testing for myself as I went along and noticed the issue before the training material thought I should, so I was trying to fix something that was broken by design

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Re: Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01 Confirmed PO Delivery

This is agreat help as I was stucked in this for hours trying to solve why the offset doesn't work with the Final Shipping Time Weeks line item instead of the Shipping Time Weeks line item


Re: Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01 Confirmed PO Delivery


Sorry this didn't get answered the first time. Hope that doesn't discourage you from using Community!


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