Level 3 Sprint 1 - Regional Sales Executive access

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Level 3 Sprint 1 - Regional Sales Executive access



I am currently trying to grant access to my Regional Sales Excutive role for the Account Review DB.

Reading user stories, I understood that Regional Sales exec could override or hold sales targets for each account in their countries (ie country located in the region they are responsible for).


Since I only enable selective access for regions, I am currently able to override data for all accounts, even if they are not in my region. I know this is quite logical since I do not enable selective access for accounts. But my question is : is there a way to grant access to accounts to a regional sales exec, without adding each account in the users content panel ? Account list is not rolling up into the country list hierarchy so this is not automatic.


I was thinking about adding a condition in my access driver module (for the target module) checking if the region of the account is equal to the region of the Regional Sales Executive (highlited in yellow on the picture below). How can I write the "current user. region" in Anaplan language ?



Thanks by advance for your response.