Model Schemas - Visual Examples

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Model Schemas - Visual Examples

Hi All, 

I am working through designing the model schema for Level 3.

However, I can not find any good visual examples of how they could look.

What should I include in the design? 

What is the most effective way to include dimensions and should key calculations be shown to illustrate how the data is flowing from one module to the next.

Would welcome any examples of model schemas that people feel are good examples of best practice in this area.



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Re: Model Schemas - Visual Examples

Hello @ChrisHeathcote 


I'll start by repeating Chris Mullen's phrase "You are required to finish Level 3 on your own".


Generally speaking though, I believe the training material has provided a schema. If not, I believe the academy has a short lesson about it. Use these 2 resources.

Good Luck

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Re: Model Schemas - Visual Examples

I was asking to see examples of a schema not the actual L3 schema as it was not clear in the description or the training how they should look.
However, I have now completed that part of the training as I developed my own style which I feel meets the criteria well.