TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week

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TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week


I wanted to know whether the below mentioned formulas are right for me to move forward with level 2. attaching the screenshot for the same.

shippping time(week) :- YEARVALUE('DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)')

cost per 1000:-  YEARVALUE('DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Cost per 1000 Units')

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These appear to be correct.


You should be able to validate that it is working by looking at the weeks, and the value should match the source that is input by Year. If you can validate that the intersections match the yearly input, then it is working properly. 



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Hello @jasonblinn , I am a having a really hard time understanding how using YEARVALUE will convert the years to weeks. From the documentation, I thought YEARVALUE just returns the aggregated values for the year. Therefore, to convert to weeks, I would think you would use YEARVALUE and then divide by 52. That seems like hard coding though. Please explain when you get the chance. Thank you!




You are right in saying that YEARVALUE takes the aggregated value of the years but you are not supposed to divide the numbers equally from Years to Weeks - so no need of hard coding it & dividing it with 52.  What you are supposed to do is to get the year values from Source module (which is dimensioned by Years) and populate it in every week of that year in the target module  - hence the need of YEARVALUE function. 


Say for example if Shipping Time for Nutzo Bar using Air Mode is 1 for FY20, then the expectation is that number 1 be flat lined to every week of FY20. Every week of FY20 should reflect 1 in the line item.




@Misbah What happens if the shipping method for a year is not consistent for the whole year? Does using 'YEARVALUE' still work when trying to get values week to week?