help with offset formula


Re: help with offset formula

Hi Jared,


It finally worked! Thanks so much.


I did as you showed. Not sure if it had to do with a filter which I had on as I was trying to turn off monthly summaries. With the filter off that seems to have done the trick - does that make sense?


Again thanks so much for persevering with me through this step. I'm sure there are a lot more challenges ahead but I'll take it a step at a time.


Level 2 is a lot tougher than Level 1 but is through instances like this where the learning really starts to sink in.


People like you really make a difference to the learning process!


A big thanks again Jared.


Kind regards,





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Re: help with offset formula


Haha! Well, now you know the answer for REV03!!

You got this. Can't wait to see that L2 Certification!!

Jared Dolich

Re: help with offset formula

Not there yet Jared although it'll be Back to the Future when I arrive at Rev03 LOL.