Streamline Productivity with our Add-ons
Streamline Productivity with our Add-ons

While Anaplan drastically unifies and streamlines modeling and planning, many organizations also leverage third-party tools, such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Sheets* in tandem to share information that aids in decision-making processes.

With add-ons, you can work with Anaplan data directly in those tools to even further streamline planning efforts. Create reports more efficiently and perform ad-hoc analysis seamlessly, saving your time to re-focus on value-add activities. Forget the tedious manual copying and pasting data into reports and reconciling figures. Add-ons also allow you to access data and contribute to Anaplan offline.

Benefits of our Add-ons
Benefits of our Add-ons

Connect a module or view to Google Sheets*, Excel, or PowerPoint with add-ons to import and export data, perform data analysis, and create charts.

Save changes to your Anaplan model with Google Sheets* and Excel read-write connections, and create PowerPoint presentations that link directly to your Anaplan model. If the data in your model changes, simply refresh your presentation with the add-in and the slides will automatically update to reflect the latest model data.

Did you know?

Add-ons are free with your regular subscription.

More than 400 customers and partners use at least one add-on, equating to several thousand add-on users worldwide.

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