Adding and Removing Apps

Before you choose an app and install it to your workspace, there's a couple of things to be aware of: 

  • To install and run an app, you must be a licensed Anaplan customer with Workspace Administrator permissions. 
  • You can load and analyze any Anaplan application, regardless of your existing license, for a period of 30 days. After the 30-day trial period, if you want to install the application to your production environment, your account executive will work with you to arrange the appropriate licensing.
  • If your company has an Anaplan unrestricted license, all applications and accelerators offered by Anaplan can be downloaded and put into production immediately. Your license costs only increase if the number of users you have exceeds the number of users licensed. So, you can download any application for free. If your company's license is restricted to certain use cases, additional licenses may be required to load new applications.
  • If you've selected a partner app, click Contact Us so we can connect you with the partner. 
  • Once an app is installed, treat it like a regular model. You can perform all of the usual model management tasks. 

Installing an app to your workspace

Before you install an app make sure you read the key features and reviews, and watch the demo.

  1. Click Get the App to copy the app into your workspace.



  1. If you're an Anaplan customer, click Sign in. (New customers can click Learn more and fill in the form to get more information.)



  1. Log in to Anaplan. The selected app is installed to your workspace and you'll see it as a tile. Treat it as a regular model that you can configure and adjust as you go.
  2. You can use the app immediately or first explore the logic and data flows using the Model Map

Removing an app

If you've installed an app as a trial and no longer need it, or if you installed an app by mistake, you can easily remove it from your workspace. 

  1. In Anaplan, click Manage Models on the user menu.
  2. In the Model Management dialog box, select the model that you want to remove and click Delete
  3. Click OK to confirm. The app is removed from your workspace and can't be retrieved. Learn more about Model Management.
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