App Complexity Ratings

To get you working quickly with Anaplan and partner apps, each app has a complexity rating. Check out the app rating and make sure it matches your level of competence before you start. 


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These apps are suitable for novice users (entry-level experience in model building) and the ones to choose as a starting point. Make sure you've completed the 101: Foundations and 102: Introduction to Model Building training courses before you start. 



Ideal for Anaplanners who have completed the 101: Foundations102: Introduction to Model Building, and 201: Intermediate Model Building training courses and have entry-level experience in model building. 



Try these apps if you've got 1-6 months model building experience under your belt and you've completed the 101 and 201 training courses. If you've reached this level, you can go into the details of how any app is built and adapt it to your specific needs.



If you're a seasoned model builder with over six months experience, and you've completed the 101 and 201 training courses, take a look at these more complex apps. If you're a model master, feel free to analyze any app and customize it to fit the requirements of your business.

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