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App Hub? Sounds great but what is it? 

The Anaplan App Hub is a community where you can discover, install, and share planning cloud applications. All these apps are built with clicks (not code) on the Anaplan platform and can be linked together.

So, what's an app?

An app is a comprehensive Anaplan model automating a specific business process. Choose from:

  • Accelerators
    Accelerators are basic applications you can use as a jump-start to build custom planning models. Accelerator Apps contain modules, lists and dashboards that you can quickly tailor for your business. Commercial Lease Planning is an example of an Accelerator App. 
  • Packaged Apps
    Packaged Apps are an extension of Accelerators and might also include pre-built roles, actions, connectors and configuration screens. Packaged Apps include more detailed documentation. You can think of them more as an out-of-the-box solution, which you can still adjust to suit the needs of your business. Financial Consolidations is an example of a Packaged App.

What will it cost?

Anyone can access App Hub to learn about available apps at no cost. Online materials and recorded demos provide a rich environment to discover new ways to use Anaplan to drive value in your business. Apps built by Anaplan are free if you have an Anaplan Platform License and you are within your user and size limits. If you have a limited use case license or need additional users or space, you can still deploy and explore apps built by Anaplan for 30 days, after which time you can decide if you want to expand your license. Apps built by Anaplan partners are licensed through the partners.

How do I install an app?

If you're an Anaplan administrator, you can click Get the App to install Anaplan apps in any workspace you have access to. For Partner apps, click Contact Us and one of our partners will get in touch with you regarding their apps. If your company doesn't want administrators to install apps, contact us to opt-out.

Do I need an Anaplan user license to install an app?

Yes. In order to install the application, you must be an Anaplan licensed user with Workspace Administrator permissions. 

What if I'm not already an Anaplan customer? 

If you don't have a valid Anaplan user license, you can still view all content on the App Hub. When you select an application to install, you can request more information and we, or one of our partners, will contact you right away.

Can I opt-out? 

Yes. If you want to block anyone in the company from installing applications, contact us. You can also block specific workspaces.

Why can't I install partner applications? 

Partner applications are not available for immediate installation right now. If you're interested in a partner application click Contact Us, complete the information request form, and the partner will contact you.

How are the apps supported?

  • If you've installed a packaged Anaplan app and need assistance, contact the Anaplan Apps team.
  • If you've installed a partner app, our partner will assist you. Contact details are available on App Hub

If I need support on a Partner App, who do I call, Anaplan or the Partner?

If you contract with a partner for an application, your support agreement is with that partner.

Can I try an app for free?

If you want to appraise an app before you deploy, take a look at the video demos and comprehensive documentation. You can also deploy an app built by Anaplan to check it out for up to 30 days and then delete it when you're done!

What does it mean that the Anaplan apps are free?

If your company has an Anaplan unrestricted license, all applications offered by Anaplan can be deployed into production immediately. In this case, your license costs only increase if the number of users you have exceeds the number of users licensed, or if the workspace size needs to increase. So, you can deploy any application for free. If your company's license is restricted to certain use cases, updated licensing terms might be required.

Are the apps certified by Anaplan? 

We review every app that's submitted to the App Hub for absence of proprietary data before it appears on the App Hub. However, Anaplan's review of an app and permission to post to the Anaplan App Hub doesn't mean that the app is certified or endorsed by Anaplan. We don't take responsibility for meeting any specific standard of quality, performance or security, or that the app will generate the results expected.

My company is licensed for specific use cases. Can we deploy and use apps for other use cases from the App Hub?

We strongly encourage you to explore applications for any and all use cases that can help your company. You can deploy and analyze any Anaplan application, regardless of your existing license, for a period of 30 days. After the 30 day trial period, if you're interested in continuing to use the application, your account executive will work with you to arrange the appropriate licensing. If you have a platform license and sufficient users and space, there maybe no impact to your license agreement. Applications offered by Anaplan Partners can be licensed directly through those partners.

What are Learning apps? 

Our brilliant learning apps allow you to get and build apps faster. Visit the Learning Apps area and take a look at the Formulas and Functions app, which demonstrates each calculation function so you can get the best out of your data.


You can instantly install learning apps to your workspace at no extra cost. We're adding more apps each month, so check in often to see what's new.

What are Fun apps?

Our fun apps showcase the very best features of Anaplan but go beyond what you might consider a regular business use case. It's not all work and no play at Anaplan! Grab a fun app and play around with capabilities you might not realize existed.


Fun apps include games and other non-business content that show our apps in a different light. They're entertaining, plus they demonstrate the flexibility of Anaplan and allow app builders to showcase their mastery of the platform and their creativity. If you want to submit your own fun app, please let us know!

How is my application upgraded?

Since applications are built on the Anaplan cloud platform, applications are automatically upgraded during the regular release cycle to give you the latest functionality, typically 4 times a year.

I built an Anaplan application that I'd like to share. How to I do this?

Awesome! Get in touch with the Apps team.

I have another question, who do I contact?

You can always reach out to If it's an app specific question, email the App team -

Wow, thanks Anaplan - you're great!

*Blushes* Gee thanks! But it's not all about us. We have some amazing partners that are happy to share their industry knowledge and expertise with other Anaplanners. It's all about collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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