What's an App?

An App is an Anaplan model that's pre-configured to fit a specific use case. Think of an app as a template for building models. Apps allow you to benefit from the expertise of seasoned model builders so you'll experience a significant reduction in implementation time and effort. 

There are different types of app to choose from: 

  • Accelerators
    These are basic applications that are a starting point for you to customize to fit your business. Generally, these types of apps contain basic modules, lists, and dashboards that you can personalize just how you want.
  • Packaged Apps
    A packaged app is really an extension of an accelerator that might also include pre-built roles, actions, connectors and configuration screens. There's also more detailed documentation so compared to an accelerator, a packaged app is closer to an end-to-end solution, which you can still adjust to suit your business. 
  • Learning Apps
    Use the learning apps to further your training and understand more about how Anaplan works. Access detailed examples of formulas and functions and analyze specific examples to see how they can benefit you. We're adding learning apps all the time so let us know if there's something you like to see. 
  • Fun Apps

    Fun apps include games and other non-business content that show our apps in a different light. They're entertaining, and they demonstrate the flexibility of Anaplan. App builders can showcase their mastery of the platform and their creativity - in a fun way! If you want to submit your own fun app, please let us know.

And the great thing is, for customers with Anaplan platform licenses, your license agreement allows you to immediately deploy and use any kind of app. If you have a limited use case license, any app that is outside of your license requires additional licensing. Both platform and limited use case licenses permit you to engage with new apps for a period of 30 days, and then decide if you want to deploy them. Partner application licenses are arranged through Anaplan partners. 

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