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Anaplan understands that many non-profits, government agencies, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions need a solution to plan against the ever-changing variables that impact their businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community of master anaplanners has created some pre-built applications to help you as you work in the Anaplan Platform. This should give you tips and tricks as well as ideas you can apply to your business.

Highlights of App

What is it

  • Automates the process of matching 100,000s of volunteers will 100,000s vulnerable people, based on geographical proximity.
  • The app is setup with UK geo data, but could easily be made to work for other countries.


  • Use of Anaplan Optimizer to perform the assignment in a way that minimises distance between volunteers and vulnerable people.

Who Benefits

  • Local and central government, health authorities.

Model Builder

  • Name(s):   Tristan Colgate
  • @tristan.colgate 
  • Title(s): Managing Director
  • Company:  Fidenda


Number of roles 1
Size    2


Modules    14

App Photos:


Screenshot 1.png

Screenshot 2.png



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App Hub Terms and Conditions

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