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Anaplan understands that many non-profits, government agencies, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions need a solution to plan against the ever-changing variables that impact their businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community of master anaplanners has created some pre-built applications to help you as you work in the Anaplan Platform. This should give you tips and tricks as well as ideas you can apply to your business.

Highlights of App

What is it

    • Health care providers, local, and state governments aren’t competing over resources and bidding up prices unnecessarily
    • Just in time procurement
    • Centrally managed and allocated
    • Ability to backhaul equipment
    • Scenario Planning
    • Top-Down / Bottom Up Reconciliation
    • Daily Plans

This application will consolidate various health care facilities together in a connected planning environment that allows them to centrally manage vital equipment, supplies, and personnel during a widespread health-related emergency.



  • This application was inspired by Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey and Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York as they described their vision for how health care sites can organize and collaborate with each other on moving reusable inventory during the 2019-2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


    Model Limitations:

    Please be aware this model only contains the scaffolding to enable this process.

    • The statistical modeling required for epidemiology is quite complicated and should be implemented by the intended user of this application. We have introduced a placeholder forecasting method. We have also left the demand curve editable if the user wants to cut/paste their demand forecasts.
    • The top-down planning currently only shows the aggregate demand. The intention is that the aggregate modeling can be applied to reconcile the bottom-up plans.
    The supply chain section is left open (editable). Ideally, logic should be added to determine the product type to determine the type of replenishment that is needed. For example, beds are reusable not consumed. Masks are consumed and need to be replenished.


  • Here’s how it works:

    1. Health care providers log into Anaplan and enter their baselines like the region they serve, the number of beds, etc..
    2. Each provider then goes through a scenario planning exercise to determine the most likely demand in their facility.
    3. The forecasts are then sent to a centralized planning team, presumably the State (or Federal). The bottom-up plans are reconciled and balanced to an aggregate plan.
    Inventory is distributed based on demand. As peak demand diminishes, inventory is then repurposed and sent back to the distribution center for other facilities to use.

Who Benefits

  • Health Care, Local, State, and Federal Government

Model Builders

  • Name : Jared Dolich  @JaredDolich 
  • Title: Principal Consultant
  • Company: Columbus Consulting


  • Name : David Edwards @DavidEdwards 
  • Title: Founder and Principal Consultant
  • Company: David Edwards Consulting


  • Name : Tim Mark @Tim_Mark 
  • Title: Principal Consultant
  • Company: Columbus Consulting


Number of roles

There are four roles:

  • Admin – For modeling and data integration
  • Central Procurement – Top-Down Planning, Allocation
  • Health Care Planner – Scenario Planning and Baseline
  • Health Care HR - Personnel
Size    2 

Base Application is 100-200MB

This does not include the size of the data hub

App Photos:


ESCoRT-Demand Projections.png

ESCoRT-Demand Tracking.png

ESCoRT-Home Page.png

ESCoRT-How It Works2.png

ESCoRT-Inventory Demand.png

ESCoRT-Scenario Planning.png

ESCoRT-Top Down Planning.png


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App Hub Terms and Conditions

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