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Anaplan understands that many non-profits, government agencies, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions need a solution to plan against the ever-changing variables that impact their businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have created some pre-built applications to help you as you work in the Anaplan Platform. This should give you tips and tricks as well as ideas you can apply to your business.

Highlights of App

What is it

  • The Anaplan NHS Pathology Planning & Hospital Reporting model supports hospitals to plan for their pathology services both locally and as part of the new networks. The model also supports hospitals to view their performance in the same way as the NHS Improvement Model Hospital as well as automate the collection of data required for Model Hospital data submissions.

Who Benefits

  • Hospitals, non-profits, support centers, first responders and any other organizations requiring a real-time staffing model



Business Functions       Finance
Size       7.75 GB
Languages       English
Modules       45
Roles       2
Formulas 255
Reports 24
Complexity Intermediate

Watch this video to get an overview of the Anaplan NHS Pathology Planning & Model Hospital Model. 
Note : The data seen within this application is not real data.


1. Model Hospital Metrics.png
The Model Hospital Dashboard provides Key Performance Indicators e.g. Cost per Test, Test per WTE and Pay-Cost per WTE aggregated from bottom-up data enabling drill down into further detail.


2. Substantive Staff Model Hospital .png
The rolled up Model Hospital figures can be exported at the touch of a button for easier submission of data to NHSi.


3. Activity and Income Forecasting .png
Activity forecasting is applied at test, specialty and customer level for each financial period. The forecast methodology accounts for differences in number of working days between like for like periods.


4. Activity Overlay Dashboard.png
Baseline forecasts can be adjusted for planned changes in service, such as the addition of a new customer, using overlays.


5. Activity Price List.png
Test level price lists can be imported into the application. Price lists are applied to customers per period to enable mid-year changes.

6. Workforce Forecast.png
The model contains functionality for Workforce & Non-Pay similar to that of Activity


7. Landing Page.png
Senior management can access a consolidated view of Income & Expenditure actuals and forecasts at any level of the organisation. The application supports Pathology services and Pathology Networks.



Model Hospital
  • View Model Hospital Key Performance Indicators (actual and forecast)
  • View and export data in the format required for data submissions
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual trends
  • Apportion indirect costs and overheads to specialties
  • Functionality to easily remove or add activity and costs to allow for any differences between local hospital and Model Hospital reporting requirement
Consolidated income & expenditure
  • View income and expenditure plans and actuals at specialty level
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual trend analysis
Activity and income
  • Import data from Laboratory Information Management system
  • Statistical based forecasting for each combination of specialty, test and requesting organisation
  • Overlay specific adjustments with a full audit trail
  • Calculate income by assigning prices to activity for each combination of Trust, specialty, test and requesting organisation
  • Differentiate between chargeable and non-chargeable tests
  • Analyse trends of actuals and forecasts in activity and income at any combination of specialty, test and requesting organisation
  • Capture other income sources by organisation and category to allow for a comprehensive view of all income
  • Import data from ESR (substantive and bank) and purchase ledger (agency)
  • Position level forecasting
  • Vacancy forecasting
  • Overlay other forecast assumptions with a full audit trail
  • Analyse trends of actuals and forecasts at any combination of Trust, specialty, occupational group, band and position
  • Calculate the cost of forecast WTEs using historical cost per WTE
  • Import data from purchase ledger and general ledger
  • Use historic trends in invoice payments and activities to automatically account for accruals and stock
  • Generate forecast reagent and consumables costs using the activity forecast and applying historic unit costs
  • Overlay other non-pay assumptions with a full audit trail
  • Analyse trends of actuals and forecasts at any combination of Trust, specialty and procurement category
Data hub
  • Cleanse and reconcile data imported from ESR, purchase ledger, sales ledger and general ledger
  • Manage prepayments at purchase invoice transaction level
  • Map tests to specialties
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