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Wipro’s Speed planning offers Organization on how quickly they can adjust to new crisis and re-plan their inventory to match the change in demand for having a lower  inventory turnaround time and remain cash rich .This App helps to reach the new consensus demand and re-classify them in ABC-XYZ category at SKU level, thus setting the priority right. It identify the inventory shortage and enables deeper, informed integration with supplier to maintain a high service level.

Anaplan Connected Planning allows to connect various source of information from SCM planning and connecting them to FP&A planning gives greater visibility on Inventory cost and Payables cost that may be different from BAU to Crisis situation. Speed planning provides agility in decision making for Leaders to view them and respond to it.


  • Crisis Demand Planning
  • Consensus Demand Planning
  • ABC & XYZ Classification of SKUs
  • Inventor Planning & Shortage alerts
  • Supplier Information & Products distribution Dashboard.
  • What – if Scenario for inventory cost
  • Drivers and Impact

Who Benefits

  • Supply Chain

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