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Wipro’s Speed planning offers Organisation quick view of their readiness for crisis management and planning & altering the course based on the crisis situation for continuity in business deliverables with respect to its workforce. It helps Organisation capability to identify the critical resources and their availability to deliver or alternate resource pool to make sure continuity is in place.

Anaplan Connected Planning allows to connect various source of information from Workforce planning and further extend them to BCP, IT enablement for Remote working, Disaster Recovery Planning,Return to Office, Gap analysis for Skill /Talent to planning for Organisation need and Speed planning provides agility in decision making for Leaders to view them and respond to it.


  • BCP Planning by Geo & LOB/Dept.,
  • IT Remote Enablement Configurations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • “What if” – Absenteeism, Attendance, Productivity factors
  • Day Level view – Demand Vs. Capacity
  • Gap Analysis by Skills/Dept./Geo
  • Day Level view – Demand Vs. Capacity with Social Distancing
  • Productivity  & overtime overrides
  • Return to Office Planning – By Shifts, Geo, LOB

Who Benefits

  • HR and Business Operations

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Please allow up to 3 business days for access approval


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