Anaplan Foundations: Resources for the Casual Model Builder, Top 5 Functions

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Anaplan Foundations: Resources for the Casual Model Builder, Top 5 Functions

In our first Anaplan Foundations track session titled "Building Capabilities for the Casual Model Builder," @ryan_kohn@Ameneh, and @KayneSchwarz, discussed resources for casual model builders. This session catered specifically to the casual model builder, highlighting how boosting their model building expertise can benefit them in their current role.

Key Takeaways: The casual model builder is important to the Anaplan ecosystem. Casual model builders should “Anaplanize” their current spreadsheets to help build familiarity and confidence working in the platform. There are great resources available on the Anaplan Community and Anapedia for model builders of all levels, but remember that the best resource is your fellow Anaplanners. Don't forget, even those outside of the Anaplan ecosystem can level up their model building expertise, too, using the Anaplan Access program. 

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Anaplan shines brightest when directly in the hands of business owners and analysts who manage day-to-day plans, and these professionals do not need to learn advanced programming or developing skills to quickly get up to speed and leverage a majority of the power of the Anaplan platform. In our second Anaplan Foundations session titled "Unpacking the Top 5 Calculation Functions," @AbbyP, along with Master Anaplanners @ggiermasinska and @dameyer01, discussed the top 5 functions you need to know to get started on building models. The five functions discussed are by far the most straightforward functions you can use within the Anaplan platform, and mastering them will account for 80%+ of what you’ll need to get your business up and running in Anaplan!

Key Takeaways: The top functions you need to know are: FINDITEM, SUM, LOOKUP, SELECT, and IF THEN ELSE. A mystery function, CODE+ITEM, was covered as a bonus!

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