Anaplan Model Building: Task Management, Anaplan CloudWorks™

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Anaplan Model Building: Task Management, Anaplan CloudWorks™

In our first Anaplan Model Building track session, titled "Streamlining Your Work Flow in the UX Using Task Management," @davewaller      and @jbastiansen, along with Master Anaplanner @Axel_H, discussed how to leverage the existing features in the UX to operationalize the business process and drive additional efficiencies along the way.

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Dave Waller

Product Manager


Jess Bastiansen

Presales Solutions Architect


 Axel Henry


Lionpoint Group

In our second Anaplan Model Building track session titled "Orchestrate Agile, Intelligent Integrations with Anaplan CloudWorks™,"   @joeymorisette and @DibB, along with Master Anaplanner @joevanbolderen, discussed the recently released Cloudworks tool, which allows model builders to orchestrate and integrate data across their cloud environment, all directly within the Anaplan platform.

Key Takeaways: Attendees learned how Anaplan CloudWorks™ increases the agility of Connected Planning by automating the movement of data from cloud-based sources to Anaplan platform without requiring any code to be written, or involving technical resources, or using 3rd party tools, but the integration is accomplished simply through an application user interface. CloudWorks™ will also make Connected Planning more intelligent by integrating with AI-ML services that provide self-learning algorithms to enable intelligent planning.

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Joey Morisette

Sr. Manager, Planning Innovation


Dib Banerjee

Director, Product Management AI/ML


Joe Van Bolderen


Accelytics Consulting