Anaplan UX: Latest UX Features, UX Build-Along

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Anaplan UX: Latest UX Features, UX Build-Along

In our first Anaplan UX session titled "Learn More About the Latest UX Features in Action," @Rebecca and Joanna Suddath, along with Master Anaplanner @whitby, discussed features that have been added to the UX over the last six months. These features help you plan, collaborate, and make decisions so that you can act quickly even when markets are constantly changing.

Key Takeaways: Our experts went through four areas of new additions to the UX, including dashboard import, and how you can use them to make impactful pages for your end-users. To stay up to date with all the new features in the UX, subscribe to the feature updates blog and get notified as features are added to Anaplan.

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Rebecca Porter

Program Manager, GTM Readiness


Joanna Suddath

Solutions Consultant


George Whitby

Solution Architect


In our second Anaplan UX session titled "Get Hands-on Experience in an Interactive UX Build-Along," @CoreyJ, along with Master Anaplanner @einas.ibrahim, During this step-by-step build-along session, the presenters walked through the process to easily build an interactive new UX page that enables management to efficiently perform scenario planning and allows leaders to analyze KPI’s and make more knowledgeable business decisions. 

Key Takeaways: In this session, we learned how to create an app, and how to leverage the U.S.E.R framework to create and customize pages from scratch. In the process of creating our very first page, we learned about the variety of cards available and how to tailor them to meet our needs.

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Corey Jacoby

Business Operations Manager


Einas Ibrahim

Anaplan Manager

Colony Capital, Inc.