Keynote: Special Early Announcement of ASAP Beta

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Keynote: Special Early Announcement of ASAP Beta

The December Anaplan Live! event concluded with a closing keynote featuring Anaplan Chief Planning Officer @simon_tuckerIn this session, Simon, along with host @ChrisWeiss and two Master Anaplanners, announced the beta version of the Anaplan Standard Application Package (ASAP), and providing exclusive access to the toolkit for Anaplan Live! attendees. This set of recipes essentially bottles the skills and knowledge of Master Anaplanners in order to help the casual model builder get up and running in their models instead of learning everything from scratch.

To round out the discussion, Master Anaplanners @Sarahjayne.Estrada, of Lionpoint Group, and @andrewtye, of Aviva, joined Simon to discuss the value these recipes will bring to their companies' employees.

Key Takeaways: While trainings, Anapedia, forums, and Best Practices are the "raw ingredients," these ASAP resources or "recipes" will explain how to use these raw ingredients to create the outcome you want. The casual model builder can ask themselves, "What am I trying to solve?" and ASAP will be the place to get the recipes they need.

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Simon Tucker

Chief Planning Officer

Chris Weiss

Leader, Centers of Excellence

Andrew Tye

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Sarah Jayne Estrada

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