Return of the Planual v2.0

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Return of the Planual v2.0

In our first Model Building Theory track session titled "Return of the Planual v2.0," @rob_marshall and @Misbah, along with Master Anaplanner @Austinv, talked about the newest version of Planual (the Anaplan manual). The Planual, which debuted at CPX last year, is the first comprehensive set of documented Anaplan best practices based on actual system performance test results and Hyperblock engine optimization.

In this educational session, attendees learned about how Anaplan has made the Planual even easier to navigate and interact with on the Anaplan Community. They also heard about some of the newest best practices and thought leadership that has been recently added, and how model builders can immediately apply this guidance to your next model build.

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Re: Model Building Theory: Planual 2.0, Software Development Lifecycle and ALM

Can you please add the link to Planual 2.0 in this article. That will be helpful.