UX Designer: Session 1

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UX Designer: Session 1

What is the ideal background for a UX Designer? Is it possible to apply UX best practices in Anaplan? This panel of Anaplan experts will answer these questions andmore, as they share tips and tricks gathered during multiple UX deployments and offer resources that you can leverage to improve your understanding of UX design.


  • James Fleming, Manager, Cervello

  • Rachel Goering, Director, Finance, DaVita

  • Belinda Ha, Manager, Lionpoint Group

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Hello All, 

The role of the UX designer is becoming more important than ever! Thank you for everyone who tuned in to our discussion, and for all the great questions. Let's keep the conversation going. 

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Certified Master Anaplanner

Thanks to everyone who attended this session! Excited to continue the conversation here.