UX Designer: Session 2

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UX Designer: Session 2

Join these Master Anaplanners and members of Anaplan’s product team as they dive into the visual side of the Anaplan platform, where tips and tricks abound for effectively presenting data to all kinds of audiences. Discover the benefits of Management Reporting—and how this important feature can help you chart your own course to implementing Anaplan’s new UX.


  • Sarah RobertsManagement Analyst, City of Tallahassee

  • Ryan Whalen, Principal Architect, W Cloud

  • Steve Prendergast, Principal Product Manager, Anaplan

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Re: UX Designer: Session 2

It would be great to have the link to the UX Feedback Panel added to this post as Steve Prendergast mentions it at the end of the presentation.
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Re: UX Designer: Session 2

Hi @erik.bangsund - good call! Here it is and I'll edit the post to include. Thanks!

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Re: UX Designer: Session 2

Thank you so much to everyone that attended and had a hand in presenting this session. It was a total pleasure to share my story from the City of Tallahassee and I look forward to continuing the conversation! I'd love to learn how others are utilizing Management Reporting in their organizations!