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Learn More About CPX

Check out what the panel had to say about this year's CPX! For more answers to your CPX questions, check out the CPX FAQs. Need more reasons to attend CPX? Take a look at the latest blog post on Anaplan.com.

Note: The live Q&A session is now closed.


*Programming note: Paul Ritner, mentioned in the recording, will not appear in this session.

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It's almost time! Remember to log in Monday morning to learn more about what's in store at CPX this year for customers, partners, and employees alike. Watch a brief video of our panelists to hear what they're excited about this year—then, post your questions through Thursday afternoon. Two lucky participants will win *FREE CPX passes! Just post your question to the forum for a chance to win. Check out complete terms and conditions on the main AMA introduction page. 

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The AMA is now open —Watch the video to learn more about CPX and what's in store this year. Then, post your questions here for a chance to win a *FREE pass to CPX! Remember to use the @mention functionality to send a question directly to one of our panelists.   

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Are there any updates on the dashboard designing we saw at last year's Anaplan hub
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@lokeshsinghal70 , the New User Experience is progressing well. We have a number of customers in beta. There will be many updates in this area at CPX including the opportunity to try it out.

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When will the Agenda and Sessions for CPX be made available?

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Krista, as we work diligently to post a detailed agenda to the conference site, feel free to peruse high-level listings and themes here: https://www.anaplan.com/connected-planning-xperience/agenda/. Something specific we can help you with in the meantime? Feel free to send a note directly: andrea.barrera@anaplan.com. 

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Any insight to the training sessions that will be offered on Monday?  Specifically, will there be any advanced topics that may be of interest to Master Anaplanners?

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Hi @Tiffany.Rice - Great questions.

@ashley.gilbert or @Ameneh - Could you help Tiffany with her CPX training questions?

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Hey Tiffany,


Unfortunately, I don't have much insight into what specifically will be offered in terms of training on Monday - looks like there are some others who might be able to give more guidance. I can give some a point of view on the sessions, though:


From a technical perspective, I personally try to attend sessions on the following topics: model builder tips & tricks, model building best practices, anything related to newly released functionality (e.g., workflow), and system integrations. This year, I'm looking for topics that are more strategy & end-user focused: end-user experience, user adoption, CoE, end-user training programs, and any sessions related to how Anaplan runs their CoE (Anaplan on Anaplan - AoA). Hope that helps!