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thank you for your answers.

Ad 5) I mean if i can reuse the saved views that I have made in my module from which i am creating the custom view in NUX. So far, when I want to create a custom view, I have to choose a module, but I do not see the saved views in that module. If I could choose them I could use them as a starting point to create custom views in NUX.


Thanks, Sarka

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Hi Sarka,

Unfortunately you can only create custom views on top of modules not saved module views. This is because the custom views are replacing the transformations (filters, sorts etc) on the saved module views rather than building on top of them. There are currently no plans to support custom view on top of saved module views.
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Do we have a specific documention for 'New UX - Migration (when & how) Recommendations' that can be shared with Partners?

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Great question! We're in the process of putting together this information and will share it with the implementation partners when we have it ready.