Anaplan Live!

Welcome to Anaplan Live!
Welcome to Anaplan Live!

This free, virtual event series is packed with valuable insights from top Anaplan experts and thought leaders. Designed with model builders, end users, and even new learners in mind, the reoccurring event lets attendees interact in real-time with presenters and fellow Anaplanners. Attendees get all the benefits of an in-person event in an easy-to-navigate virtual conference experience.

Don't miss our February Anaplan Live! Spotlight on Transactional APIs!

Check out the sections below to see past Anaplan Live! events and sessions.

Past Events

Weren't able to make it to the event or looking for a refresher?

Anaplan Live! December 2020
Live, virtual event for model builders.
Anaplan Live! March 2020
Live from the Anaplan Minneapolis office.
User Groups Live! November 2019: London
Live from the Anaplan London office.
User Groups Live! November 2019: York
Live from the Anaplan York office.
User Groups Live! October 2019
Live from the Anaplan Singapore office.
User Groups Live! March 2019
Live from the Anaplan HQ in San Francisco.
Anaplan Live! Spotlight Series
An ongoing series that spotlights model building insights from Anaplan experts.
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