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About this group

• Share ideas and knowledge about the Anaplan platform and best practice
• Understand the use cases other people are using Anaplan for and how we could do the same within our organisations
• Discuss solutions to specific problems – e.g. technical “how do you do…”
• Discuss solutions for helping our organisations use Anaplan – e.g. training approaches, explaining benefits
• Obtain information from Anaplan about the functionality and the future of the platform – e.g. Roadmap
• Provide feedback directly back to the Anaplan management team on improvements and suggestions and develop influence so they take these forward
• Professional networking – recognising that we have few peers within our own organisations so this is a great opportunity to network with others who are at the ‘Anaplan coalface’

Group rules

Group members are expected to abide by all Anaplan Community guidelines. Specifically / in addition:
• This group is aimed at Anaplan modelers/users who want to share and develop their knowledge and understanding with other like-minded individuals
• The group is NOT a sales opportunity for any attendees (including Anaplan partners) and equally no one should share any proprietary or sensitive knowledge
• Everyone within the group agrees to act in a professional manner both here and at meetup sessions

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Anaplan Modelers Forum UK
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