Boolean true by default?


Boolean true by default?

Is there a way to set a boolen line item as true by default, allowing the user to de-select items rather than select them?


The module has a large number of dimensions - and is accessed on different dashboards - and so setting each of them to true isn't really practicle (even with the space bar trick)



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Re: Boolean true by default?


I would suggest setting the formula in the line item to TRUE to set them all to being checked off, and then delete the formula. This will check all the items and then allow the users to uncheck where appropriate.


Hope that helps


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Re: Boolean true by default?

I'll give that a go - thanks!
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Re: Boolean true by default?

Alternatively, if this is part of the repreatable process/reset, you can run an import into the module from another line item, or a data hub


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