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Bulk model copy

HI Team,

I need to move multiple archived models from one workspace to another. Is there a way where I can move multiple models simultenously to the new destination workspace or should it be done manually one model at a time?



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Re: Bulk model copy


Unfortunately not.  You will need to do each one indiviually.  The process would be

  1. Start at the tiles screen
  2. Choose manage models and choose the source workspace
  3. Change the mode to Standard or Deployed for the source model
  4. Choose the new workspace from manage models option
  5. Import the model to the new workspace
  6. If necessary change the mode of the newly imported model to archived
  7. Repeat 1-6

I hope that helps


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Re: Bulk model copy

Just out of curiosity, is this something that Anaplan Support has more flexibility with to do in a more streamlined/efficient way?


-Chris Weiss

-Chris Weiss