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Edit Dashboard

Dear Members,


I am getting a Slider which I want to remove.

Desired Format has no Slider.


Please help me to remove the slider from Dashboard.



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Re: Edit Dashboard

HI @Marble_Rock ,


From the desired screenshot it seems that you want to show only Month not the above level items (Quarters, All periods etc.). So please follow the below steps to achieve this.

Step 1: Create a 'Time Filter' module and use the time dimension. 

Step 2: Create a Line item 'Filter' in the above module and make it as Boolean formatted and write 'True' in the formula bar.

Step 3: Then go to your dashboard and apply filter on the time dimension using above created line item. Your problem is resolved.

Edit Dashboard.PNG


Edit Dashboard 1.PNG


Edit Dashboard 2.PNG


Also you can adjust the column width of the line items to reduce scrolling!!



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Re: Edit Dashboard


the sliders, or scroll bars, occur when the data to be displayed in the grid is smaller than the data itself.  As described above, you can adjust the width of the columns, or you can also drag the grid to make it wider.  


We don't recommend this size to be sider than the width of the screen though


Hope that hepls


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