Excel Add-in Cannot access view


Excel Add-in Cannot access view

Good afternoon, I have recently downloaded the Anaplan Excel Add-in. I would like to create a view based on my 'development model' (we are using ALM), in order to be able to test the add in. When trying to add a saved view of a module (any module) , the add in shows me the following error: New Connection - Cannot access view. Add-in is working fine for the default view or the module itself. I've made the test using the deployed model, and Add-in seems to be working fine for saved views but on mode 'read only'. Is this error due to the ALM model status? If yes How can we create an excel add-in for a 'development model'? Is there any article available somewhere to guide us on this ? If no, to what Is this error due? Thanks in advance for your help, Sarah
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I did the same thing as you on a random model I use as a source for ALM and a random module and it does work although I get the warning message below.


This is what I get when I pull from the view:

Excel add in pull from saved view issue.png


An anaplan model used a source for ALM is considered a "normal" model so the issue should not be the ALM settings.


Do you have the same behavior with another view ?

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