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HELP Sprint 3 Level 2



I'm blocked on the sprint 3 when we have to create the INV02 Module. we have to realize a formula with this mapping diagram below on the line item " Safety Stock Flag Count" :



To do this, i create a line item called "country made" with the format "list : G2 Location" in the SYS08 Details SKU modules :



After this creation, i triedto create the formula for the line item " Safety Stock Flag Count".  The source is on the INV01 module so i thought we had to do a formula with x[LOOKUP:y] but if i use the SYS08 for "y" the formula doesn't work

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Re: HELP Sprint 3 Level 2

Please could you not post questions on the training on this forum - The instructions for the training expressly ask that you try and work through the instructions and guidance without requesting help from the forums

If there is a specific issue, then the Academy team will be able to help, but Level 2 is designed to make you have to think