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Load Data To Anaplan

Hi, I would like to understand if we can pull the data from an Oracle Database to Anaplan by writing some script. When I was reading about the Data Integrations it doesn't talk about Oracle Database. Am I missing any link to look at? Please share some information on this! Regards, Raghuveer.

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RE: Load Data To Anaplan

Hi Raghuveer, There isn't a direct integration between Oracle and Anaplan, but you can build the integration by passing CSV files.  You can do this either by using an ETL middleware (like Informatica Hyperconnect) or building your own integration through Anaplan Connect (  Happy to provide more details, otherwise I hope that helps point you in the right direction! -Chris Weiss
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Re: Load Data To Anaplan

It depends on the enterprise setup, the easiest way remains connecting to the database via Anaplan connect by writing SQL and calling them remotely via anaplan connect scripts.