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Multiple Cost Center Access for one user

Hi Comunity, this is my frst ever post on this forum, and for sure it won't be the last. Before posting this, I had a look through previous questions but couldn't find quite what I needed. Here is my issue.


In the model I am working with, we have thousands of CC split between regions and Cost types and you can imagine it's a nightmare assigning multipleCC access to a single user since the drop down list does not have a search button. I tried manually inserting them separated by comma (the way export file is showing for simmilar users) but this didn't work. Is there a better way of doing this job? Finding 50 cost centers between the entire list will take hours of work. Thank you!

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Re: Multiple Cost Center Access for one user



Security can be set via bulk load processes.  Rather than loading, say, a comma delimited list, you would load separate user rows for each item you are incrementally adding security-wise.


For example, in the table below, the result for "Departments L1 Write" is "Org 1, Org 2".... but its loaded as two rows/transactions.  

 First NameLast NameModel RoleDepartments L1 Write
pritner@accelytics.comPaulRitnerFull AccessOrg 1
pritner@accelytics.comPaulRitnerFull AccessOrg 2

I've seen a few models with security requests managed through workflows (in the model itself)... with the final approval including a bulk load process that sets the values in the User List.... but this could be done ad-hoc by loading a CSV for the target user(s).


Is this what you were looking for?

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Re: Multiple Cost Center Access for one user

After a long struggle, I managed to set the security with an upload. Put the different CCs on separate loads and it worked just fine. Thank you!