Community Boss

Re: Production list item protection


Just to clarify on  "Formula protection"


What is it?

  • Hard coded references to a list member
  • SELECT, IF ITEM(xx)=, P1 Product.Cars
  • Top Level Item is OK as that is structural (you cannot change the Top Level in a Deployed model)
  • You can have CODE(ITEM(P1 Products))=, or NAME(ITEM(P1 Products)) because that is not referring directly to a list element.  Still not good practice though!!


  • In standard mode, you will generate a rollback if you delete/amend the list member
  • Anaplan doesn’t not allow end users to generate a rollback
  • In Deployed mode, a "Production" list allows end users to delete/amend the list, so Anaplan “protects” the list against this

Good Practice

  • It is bad practice to have hard coded references


I hope that helps clarify things