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Referencing Switchover Period

Is there any way in a formula to reference the Switchover period for a version?  The module is pulling in data from a list across the time periods but if the cell is for a time period prior to the Switchover period, I want it to show zero, else pull data from the list. Thanks

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RE: Referencing Switchover Period

Hi Adam, please use "CURRENTPERIODEND()" function to refer to last actual period of calander which should ideally be the switchover period.
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RE: Referencing Switchover Period

Hi Ramu, what if you have multiple versions, each with different switchover dates? In this case, what would be the way to reference the switchover period of each version? Kind regards, Marcel
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Re: RE: Referencing Switchover Period



I agree that formula for referencing the switchover period would be a great addition. I once created a time property module where I managed to derive a month formatted line item with switchover period for each version. I started with creating a line item with formula for actual version only and then in another line item with switchover on I could use previous() and next() functions to find out the switchover period. However, finally we decided to abandon that solution because it became overly complicated for that purpose. We decided to have a module with manual maintenance of switchover period for each version. That module included only "Switchover period" line item and versions. It was quite handy but still not as good as formula for it would be.

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Re: RE: Referencing Switchover Period

The switchover date can be extracted with the simple formula “IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN START() ELSE BLANK” and a summary type “first non blank” on a line item with a time scale. Then link this item with another one without time scale and [select:time.all periods].

There is a example of this in the Time Filter app in the App hub, in the module Switchover detection

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Re: Referencing Switchover Period

1) Create a module by time, by versions

2) Create line item, format to time periods

3) Set summary method to 'first none blank'

4) Formula: if isactualversion() then blank else item(time)