SFDC Integration


SFDC Integration

What are the available ways to integrate SFDC with anaplan,

How i can enable data flowing between these two systems?

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Re: SFDC Integration

Hi @abhay.kanik 


The Saleforce native connector is no longer supported by Anaplan. 

So it is recommended to use the 'Hyperconnect powered by Informatica'. 


Please more detailed information here:



I hope this helps.







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Re: SFDC Integration

@usman.zia @abhay.kanik ,


Not just HyperConnect (which is Informatica Cloud), but any of our 3rd party partners will be able to accomplish this, SnapLogic, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, as well as creating a custom REST API application.





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Re: SFDC Integration

Why is the Saleforce native connector no longer supported by Anaplan?  Are you finding your existing customers  adopting and increasing their subscriptions to include Informatica Cloud Hyperconnect ?  Have you received favorable responses from your customers that are using it?

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Re: SFDC Integration

You can display Anaplan within Salesforce itself: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Data_Integrations/Anaplan_Tab_in_Salesforce.html


As well as the other named integration options I would also recommend https://www.onecloud.io/ as being an excellent option, especially if you also have Tableau/PowerBI/Workiva/Blackline integration needs.

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Re: SFDC Integration

Hi Abhay.


as @usman.zia stated, the Native Connector is no longer supported, so the choices for data integration between both platforms are:


  1. Manual / Anaplan ETL (as these are the most basic and generic ones, I assume you are already familiar with them) 
  2. The supported IPaaS (Informatica -aka "HyperConenct" -, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi and Snaplogic). They all have a built in connector for both, Anaplan and SFDC, so bridging the 2 platforms in terms of data integration would be rather easy. On the Con side, you have to purchase licenses for these IPaaS on top of the Anaplan and SFDC licenses. 
  3. Finally, and the less likely one, is to develop an in-house API. To me, this only makes sense If you are part of a strongly IT oriented company with a highly responsive IT team. Else, in order to boost the data connection implementation and keep ownership of it from the business side, I would go for option 2. 

The Anaplan Tab: Besides these Data Integration options, in Salesforce you have the chance of logging into Anaplan straightaway from SFDC, by using the Anaplan Tab. This is NOT a data integration option but a way of visualizing the data in Anaplan directly from SFDC. 


Maybe the ability to visualize Anaplan's dashboards from Salesforce will provide you the solution that you need and therefore you can save for now the whole Data Integration platform implementation. 


I hope that his post gives you a more comprehensive point of view of the Anaplan - SFDC data integration / embedded data visualization landscape. 







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