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TEXTLIST as aggregation function, but only display unique



Is there a way to get the TEXTLIST function, when used in the aggregation format, to only display unique entries?


I have the formula working in my model, but it is displaying every entry under the parent, rather than unique entries.  I know that the normal TEXTLIST function has a "UNIQUE" option.





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Re: TEXTLIST as aggregation function, but only display unique

Hi Matthew,


I'm using the example from Anapedia on Textlist:



There are 3 modules (Source Customers, and Customer Summary are found in the link above)

1. Source Customers, with list of Transaction, line item of Product (format Text), Customers (format List: Customer)


2. Source Customers Cube, with list of Transaction, Customers, and line item of Product Text (format Text)

Formula of Product Text = Source Customers.Product Text[FIRSTNONBLANK: Source Customers.Customers]


3. Customer Summary, with list of Customer, and line item of Textlist Products (format Text)

Formula of Textlist Products = TEXTLIST(Source Customer Cube.Product Text, ",", Transaction, UNIQUE)

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 3.40.56 PM.pngThanks,