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Update Codes in a numbered list

Hi there,


the model has been in use for a very long time. However, it is full of dummy codes instead of the correct ones. Certainly, there is a lot of data associated with these elements. So I can't export change, delete the old elements and import the new ones.


Is it possible to mass update the codes in a numbered lists apart from using manual input?

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Re: Update Codes in a numbered list

Hello,  Yes, you can mass update codes, just like you would mass updating a property in a list.  First, back up the model :o).   (Did I say back up the model?  Make sure you back up the model.)  Then, export the list (keeping Name & Code).  The Name is the Anaplan assigned #'d list item (not the Display By)... to get this, you either have to temporarily unset the Display By, or create a property to display the #'d list value.  Once you have this dataset, update the codes to what the new values should be and import the list using the numbered list item (mapped to Name) and the new code (mapped to code).


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Re: Update Codes in a numbered list

Thank you