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Sorry but I still need an answer to this thread....thanks.

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Re: charting with generic week numbers

Ok let's try this again.  Here is the chart I've been able to create...however the time scale is not generic week the prior year data labels reference the current can be very hard for the user to see the data value and know which year the data belongs too.  That's why I took the approarch of setting up a list of "week numbers" to use in place of time scale...and I almost got it to work but can't get my data to map to the gerneric week numbers.  It seems like I'll have to tell my director that Anaplan CANNOT chart year over year and have accurate data labels.  I've spent another five hours searching the Anaplan community today, but cannot find an answer....plot 2018 values overlayed with the 2017 values.  Been trying to solve this on and off for over a year...guess EXCEL is still better at some things.  I hate having to make one chart in Excel....maybe we move all the charts back to EXCEL.  Can someone give me the true word....can this be done or not...and if so who can show me?  Sorry for my tone but I'm so frustrated that I can't get help....and lately every time I try and chat with support NO one is available.


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Re: charting with generic week numbers

"and asking me to post additional pictures seems like a typical IT delay tactic."


this is a community, not Anaplan support. Nobody here is paid to answer and we're all doing it because we like the principle of a community. FYI some of the replies I made to this question I did them at 23h30 my time.


The chart you have obtained is the best thing you can get in Anaplan. The X axies cannot have an additional tag and you cannot do overlay. on the values.


With an additional week list, the only thing you can do is name it week 2 FY18 - FY17 but I don't think that brings much value. If you want to do that, you need to have a mapping between you additional time list and the real time and have that mapping in your data module.

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Re: charting with generic week numbers

My sincere apoligies...I've seen answers from Anaplan employees so hoped they would participate.  David Smith answered my other question this week.  I also tried to contact Anaplan support, but no one has been available.

My frustration got the better of me, and there is no excuse for my tone or words.  I appreciate the community aspect of this and the helpful nature of the members.  Thanks for calling me out!

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