deleting an Item in a list import

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I was trying to import a list from another but came to know that when i add an item in source list it gets reflected but if i delete an item in source list it does not gets reflected in target list.

is there any way to implement that part?


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Re: deleting an Item in a list import


It is not best practice to import using a list is a source, it is much better to use a module and using a module will help here

1. Create a module dimensioned by your source list, and create two boolean line items; Reset and Import.  Set the formula for Reset to FALSE and Import to TRUE

2. For your target list, set up an equivalent module with two boolean line items; Imported? and Delete?.  The formula for Delete? is NOT Imported?


3. The import process now requires a few more steps

3.1 Import to the list form the source module

3.2 Import the Reset Flag to the target module (targeting the Imported? line item).

3.3. Import the Import Flag to the target module(targeting the Imported? line item).


 4. You can now see that the Delete? flag shows those that were not imported

5. Set up a Delete from List action using the module above

6. Run the Delete action

7. Add all of the import and delete steps to a process


I hope that helps


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Re: deleting an Item in a list import



  This solution is working, but is there any way for deletion of list item in source module could reflect in the target module without importing the whole list into the target module?  

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Re: deleting an Item in a list import

@1434448 ,


Instead of having the formula above as David stated, you could import a boolean of True to the Delete module in the target and then run the action to delete those selected members.


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Re: deleting an Item in a list import

Hey David,

I am new to Anaplan Model Building.

Why would you set up that RESET line item? Like whats the main purpose or function it serves? Especially being set to FALSE.

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Re: deleting an Item in a list import


The reset flag is used at the start of the import process to copy to the Imported? line item.  At that point all list items are showing as false, so when the file is imported, the TRUE flag is populated.

You need to have the Reset to ensure any items imported previously, but now not in the file are cleared

I hope that helps



Re: deleting an Item in a list import



You can also achieve the same thing with the help of a delete action and FINDITEM function.

You want the item that is deleted from the source list to be deleted from the target list as well, this can be achieved by using the following.

1. Create a Module , add the target list as a dimension.

2. Create a boolean formatted Line Item in the same module called 'delete'. 

3. Use the formula for the boolean as NOT FINDITEM(<Source List Name>, NAME(ITEM(<Target List Name>))).

    The above boolean will be true for all the List items which are there in the target list but they are not in the source   list.

4. Create a delete action using the boolean you just created and add the action in a process before you run your import . The first action in the process should be your delete action and the second is your import.



Hope it helps.


Aakash Sachdeva