Add a date stamp

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Add a date stamp

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II need to add a state stamp into a table. My plan is to have a Line item that somehow calculated the current time (equivalent in excel would be NOW()). I then plan to use the Import data to import that date into a static date line item in the same module.


Does anyone know how to get Anaplan to show the current date into a line item. (Without me having to choose a date)?


Thank you in advance.

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Anaplan doesn't have inbuilt functionality to get the current date similar to NOW() in excel.

However, you can set up a daily import via Anaplan Connect to have a daily update. 


few links that could help you,





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Anaplan doesn't have a function to do this. Importing through Anaplan Connect is your best bet unfortunately. This feature has been requested though:
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@Michael.downer  As others had mentioned, Anaplan currently does not provide any function to calculate Current Date / System Date.


Although I can understand your need. I would suggest to get a file generated either from any database or from the system on which you would be running the integration tool (Anaplan Connect etc) for automation. Use that file to load into a specific Current Date system module line item to use it across the model.


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You can probably use the following method: (We have been managing this way for few such scenarios):

Create an import from a VM (server) using Anaplan Connect (batch script) with today's date & time. 

Then, Create a process with the following actions:

1. Today's date import action

2. The import action that you plan to import into another target module

As we understand from Anaplan, TODAY function should be available within 1-2 months. But not sure, if it will have time stamp as well.


Hope this helps. 


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