Anaplan 2 Sprint 1 Exam


Anaplan 2 Sprint 1 Exam

Hi Team, 


Whilst I understand that you can't give me an answer to any exam questions, may I ask you to look into question 6 in Level 2 Model Building Sprint 1 exam for the benefit of the wider community please?


Comparing the solution to my own workings Data02 Shipping Metrics within the Data Hub model, a pivot which exactly reflects the table set out in the exam, the question gets marked as incorrect which to my mind is wrong. 


Is there maybe an issue with how the dimensions are allocated in the pivot within the exam, or any other technical issues with this?


Thank you 



Re: Anaplan 2 Sprint 1 Exam

Hi Matthias,

Please check the dimensions set up on rows while giving the answer. There should not be any SPACE above your first dimension. If there is any then move the dimension to top and then next set of dimensions. This might be the reason for incorrect answer.



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Re: Anaplan 2 Sprint 1 Exam

I moved everything on my second attempt to answer the question and it still got marked as wrong.

Much like OP, I matched the layout in my model exactly to the layout in the question.