Anaplan Excel Add-in 4.0 Crashed every time after clicking on Sign-In

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Anaplan Excel Add-in 4.0 Crashed every time after clicking on Sign-In

We have observed an issue since today(Oct-9)

Issue:Excel getting crashed when trying to Sign-in and observed it in multiple there any work around for this?

Steps:1)Open Blank Excel work Book 2)Click Sign-In and enter details 3)Click on Sign-in  and Excel crashes post clicking on Sign-In




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Having the same exact issue. Please advise

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Hi both,


Sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues. Please raise those with Support so we can investigate.


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Magali Pelissier, Product Manager - Extensions (Excel Add-in, PowerPoint Add-in, Google Sheets Add-on)
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We are experiencing the same issue with two users.  User A has Excel crash 75% of the time after clicking on SSO login.  No error messages appear in the logs.  User B has Excel hanging 30 seconds on startup before crashing.  They also experience the issue switching between tabs.


Uninstalling and reinstalling does not resolve the issue.  I even cleared all installed files and registry entries related to Anaplan.  We are running Windows 10 1909 and Excel 365 1908.


I have a case opened with Anaplan for this issue.