Anaplan Integration with Data Lake

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Anaplan Integration with Data Lake

Hi Team,


I am looking on implementing a possible solution of Anaplan sending data to a Data lake and In bound from a different set of a data lake. This will give me more flexibility to send my plan figures to enterprise systems. 


Do we have any proved architecture on this or will Informatica connect will be able to help us here. 



Roshin Rasheed 

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Re: Anaplan Integration with Data Lake

Hi Roshin,


Yes, informatica is more flexible to do bi-directional flow from anaplan to most of the Data source systems/ Dataware house/ Data lake. 



Karthik Kumar


Re: Anaplan Integration with Data Lake



Recommendation is to start with an understanding of Anaplan Connect and HyperConnect.  Based on the request thats a good place to start in terms of integration.


Good introduction to the available ETL tools


Anaplan Connect (1.4.1 upcoming release)




Additional On-Demand course work





Re: Anaplan Integration with Data Lake

Adding onto this comment, if you need to send data to your EDW, you can safely eliminate Anaplan Connect as an option as it does not natively support pushes to anything other than Anaplan.


An ETL tool such as Informatica, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, or Snaplogic would be the way forward in this case; all of these tools have large connector libraries to push and pull data to/from various sources. From there, you'll need to look at each option to weight the benefits and drawbacks in order to select the most appropriate tool for your situation.



Jesse Wilson
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