Anaplan Mulesoft Integration

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Anaplan Mulesoft Integration

The current Mulesoft does not support Anaplan connectors. Any advise on what to do regarding this? And how to find import id on Anaplan. Kindly provide your valuble input into this. 


Should I use backdated connectors/api ?



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Re: Anaplan Mulesoft Integration

Anaplan developed and launched a new MuleSoft connector in September 2018. This connector works with Mule 3.x runtime, and can be accessed through the MuleSoft Exchange,


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Re: Anaplan Mulesoft Integration



Anaplan has new connector for Mule 3. For this connector you will not get the import and export ids automaticaly. You have to find import ids using Rest Api. 


Rest Api:

Mule Connector:


Implementation Blog:


In the Above blog it was clearly explained how to get the import and export Ids. 











After getting export id, you can enter in the export field.


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